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June 5, 2005
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~ A Prayer In A Graveyard ~

I stood again in my place on this very day,
I screamed for him to come to me and  for him to stay.
In the middle of gravestones the breeze went through my long red hair,
I begged him to come to me and take me  while embracing me to his lair.

I spoke these words out loud in pain  for the first time,
Tears I almost shed just for this beautiful creature,
this is my only crime.

I walked towards the dark forest, for I felt my dark lover near,
Walking so slowly, it was  like watching myself in a mirror.
When he did not appear the agony  I felt and despair in me was great,
Then I realized he may still come, that it was not yet night,
for It was not yet late.

I drove off telling my love that we would meet soon then tonight,
So now I sit and wait for the sun to fall ,
and when he dose come to me I know I will  fall to my knees with tears in my eyes when he is in my sight.

By: Ashlie Dawn Gillis

I wrote this about 10 years ago. I was around 15 or 16. If you find it cheesy or poorly written that is my excuse. My punctuation may be poor. I was never really good at that in school :giggle:

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I like your style of writing, you should write again
devildoll Apr 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. y Hubby was just telling me that the other night. I might give it a try again. :)
Heidi-V-Art Jun 23, 2005  Professional Photographer
Great poem and it is written so well! :clap:
Mmmmmmmmmm this just gets better and better :p

To quote INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE "I want some more" :giggle:
devildoll Jun 16, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
:giggle: more you shall have. :nod:
shadowvampire Jun 11, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love it!!!
devildoll Jun 12, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
I am the shadow of the flame.
Iam the astral and the crystal prism of all tears.
I am the sun that burns for a billion years.
I am the watchman and the wheel.
and in certain circles, I am cold blue steel.
here to hold you in midnight skies.
I am here to sing you lullabies,
So blow me a kiss forever
on the full moon's night.
and rememberance shall avail thee
the blessings of all things.
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