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Submitted on
September 6, 2007



[I'm Still Alive / Update]

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2007, 2:30 AM


Hi everyone! I'm still alive. I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting or faving anything as of late. I haven't even looked at my friends deviations in weeks. I am so behind I don't know where to start to try and catch up.

I have 18,904 deviations, 2,786 messages, 12 notes

to get through whenever I decide to start kicking my heels up over here on DA again. I have been taking a well needed break from DA and have been working on the other areas of the net that I enjoy.

I even created an Icon Community on along with celestial-void & innocencefades

The Cats Meow Icons & Boutique

If anyone has an LJ and would like to join go here and request to join. go here and join. Make sure you add us to your watch also! I will have to approve you first and then you will be able to see all the wicked icons you can use. Even the ones I can't post here of celebs, movies and musicians. :boogie:

Until I get back for good you can enjoy the wonderful and wicked works of my Husband silentfuneral

I hope everyone is well. I miss my dear friends on here and you guys are always in my heart. :heart:

Love & Light


  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: TV in the bedroom
  • Reading: Sylvia Browne - Spiritual Connections
  • Eating: Egg Rolls
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke
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Silver-Dew-Drop Sep 15, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Missing you dear Ashlie!! :cuddle: I hope all is well. Yeah, I know what you mean about taking a break from things ... but wow :faint: that's A LOT to catch up on! ^^; Good luck with all that!

Yeah, I am on LJ too. We should add each other :D What's your LJ addy? I'll send you mind in a note :)
DistortedSmile Sep 6, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Missed you gorgeous! :D
devildoll Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
:hug: I miss you to sweetheart.
ftourini Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
:w00t: We missed you! :cuddle::glomp:
:omfg: 18,904 deviations, 2,786 messages, 12 notes :omfg: poor Ashlie! :petting:

For some reason the livejournal link wasn't working!
and i wanted to seeeee :(
devildoll Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hmmm.... it's working for me. :confused: maybe LJ was down? Do you have an LJ account?

ftourini Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
No i don't! You think this might be the reason? You have to be a member to see the link?
Oh by the way i saw you great photos on myspace although i have no myspace account.

:aww::#1: You look a great couple!:dance: My sweeties! :w00t:
devildoll Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
You can see the community, but all the enteries are privet to members only so you won't be able to see the icons unless you have a LJ account and join my community. :( If you want to whip one up just to join my community though I will approve you as soon as you join. Wow, I don;t think I have ever met someone that didn't have a myspace account. :) Well now you know who I am. :giggle:
ftourini Sep 7, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I have joined hi5! :giggle: [link] LOL
I think it's pretty the same. ;)
I have joined numerous sites but not this one. ;P
Concerning livejournal, i have no idea what site is it and what does it contain! :o
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