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Submitted on
September 6, 2007



[My Art Stolen & Re-Submitted on DA!]

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2007, 2:53 AM


It was taken down, most likely by her. Thanks for everyone who backed me up even though it all happened within 30 mitns of me finding out about this. You guys rock! :heart:

This DA user FrozenTemptation submitted one of my art works… and put her name on it and is claiming she made it over here…

This shit pisses me off to no end.

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: TV in the bedroom
  • Reading: Sylvia Browne - Spiritual Connections
  • Eating: Egg Rolls
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke
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KittyD Sep 25, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Heya sweetie! I'm just droping by to give you a hug and ask how you are. Sorry I didint have the time to drop by before.

Tons of chocolate kisses! :glomp:
NightmaresBleed Sep 11, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate rippers. D:
Its worse when they do it on a website that you cant contact the help desk on. o.x
She even has a Victoria Frances drawing up under ';photo manip'!! o_O gawd! i just reported that one! :faint:
KerriAnnCrau Sep 6, 2007   General Artist
This [link]
is someone elses work and I cant remember who. :( But I know i have seen that before. Ugh, not only does she have the nerve to steal but she posts it in the community she steals from.
devildoll Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah I've seen that one before to. Her whole account she just be deleted. I hope the DA staff looks into her. :nod:
WickedNox Sep 6, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
:no: what is wrong with people?
devildoll Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
people are turning into idiots anymore these days. It's scary sometimes how stupid people can really be. :(
WickedNox Sep 7, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
it really is :(
I never understood how someone could just steal someone else's artwork and take credit for it. I just don't see how that can make someone feel good. =/

Good thing yours was taken down, though. :nod:
I always wonder if my artwork has been stolen and put up, but no one has told me, so I assume not yet.
devildoll Sep 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
My Husband saids he would be flattered, but I just can't go with that. I'm to selfish. :giggle: Yeah she removed it as soon as people started flooding her with comments, but her gallery has other peoples artwork that I have seen before also. :(
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