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Submitted on
July 7, 2007



* [My dA Family - Updated] *

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2007, 6:08 PM

:bulletblue: [Get Listed!] :bulletblue:

I have lots of new friends & lovelies that really need to be added to my Deviantart Family list.

So if you want on tell me who you want or what you want to be & give me a title. It's all on my shout board & now listed here with user icons to! Please try not to pick something that's been assigned or taken so make sure you check below first. Just comment below.


dA Family

:bulletblue: [My dA Family] :bulletblue:

:iconsilentfuneral: ~ My Husband
:iconmisssbarbie: ~ My Daughter
:iconblack-wingz: ~ My Soulmate Sister
:iconnebulaborn: ~ My Dark Sister
:icongramstus: ~ My Sadistic Pet
:iconkreestal: ~ My Beautiful Luna
:iconinnocencefades: ~ My Lil Sister
:iconwickednox: ~ My Wicked Twin
:iconaragwen: ~ My Gorgeous Witch
:iconbloodredsangre: ~ My Bloody Beautiful Babe
:iconemeralddeleeuw: ~ My Gothic Barbie Doll
:iconfourteenthstar: ~ My Scottish Beauty
:iconafterchain: ~ My Inspiration
:iconbrokenangel: ~ My Kinky Broken Doll
:iconloveordeath: ~ My Inner Strength
:iconneurolepsia: ~ My Cyber Goth Angel
:iconheidi-v-art: ~ My Fairy Dust
:iconserpentinekiss: ~ My Fetish Doll
:iconanelia: ~ My 3D Desires
:iconshuttereddreams: ~ My Dreamless Fairy
:iconspiritsighs: ~ My Teddy Bear
:iconalexandravbach: ~ My Raven Winged Beauty
:iconthisyearsgirl: ~ My Lucid Dreams
:iconxbloodred666x: ~ My Blue Shining Star
:iconcelestialblue: ~ My Blue Crystal Ocean
:iconfragile-forlorn: ~ My Fragile Angel
:iconfrillyknickerz: ~ My Shooting Star
:iconenchanted-black-rose: ~ My Glittery Fairy
:iconartmatrix: ~ My Sinister Half
:iconakourah: ~ My Blondie Black Winged Angel
:iconmelissagriffin: ~ My Lucky Charm
:iconxxbrokenxxxartxx: ~ My Broken Rising Phoenix
:iconmissm69: ~ My Far Away Admirer
:iconthedigitalgeisha: ~ My Digital Geisha
:iconmorgainelefey: ~ My Striper
:icondistortedsmile: ~ My Pink Vixen
:iconnellis-eketorp: ~ My Special Sweet Whore
:iconlryiu: ~ My Guardian Angel
:iconwingless-one: ~ My Wingless Angel
:iconimmortal-darkness: ~ My Dream Catcher
:iconartsaves1228: ~ My Art Slave
:iconmistress-gothca: ~ My Voodoo Doll  
:iconelandria: ~ My Sweet Dream
:iconkittyd: ~ I'm Her Beautiful Doll
:iconfortress-of-tears13: ~ My Poison Girl
:iconspookeriffic: ~ My Spooky Gorgeous Dolly
:iconlady-twiglet: ~ My Death Metal Petal
:iconsilver-dew-drop: ~ My Feisty Kitten
:iconsunmoongirl: ~ My Bright MoonShine
:iconfreyals: ~ My Dark Elf
:iconinfinitiesend: ~ Pixilated Bat Princess
:iconnsambakalunga: ~ My White Magincian
:iconhotwiar: ~ My Irish Witch
:icondamagedbutrepairing: ~ The Damaged But Emotionally Healing Soul
:iconcryingsorceress: ~ Devil's Angel
:iconoibyrd: ~ My Big Mama Pimp
:iconblood-red-ice: ~ My Combat Devil
:iconpalmtreel0ver: ~ My Palm Tree Lover

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Reading: The Mystical Life of Jesus ~ By Sylvia Browne
  • Watching: The Girls Next Door
  • Drinking: Wild Cherry Pepsi
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cryptic-sacrifice Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2008
I want a dA family! I dont have enough friends on here though...:(
phantaz Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008
ACK! Dreamcatcher is taken already :giggle: How about your Wishing Star?
phantaz Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008
Can I be your Dream Catcher?
I love this family idea :love:
Saysamia Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007
can I be a part of your family as " young 13old photomanipulator
Mehrunnisa Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007
hey, I want to be here too! And I want you to be part of mine! :aww:
PalmTreeL0ver Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007   Photographer
Yay. Can I be on your shout outs as PalmTreeL0ver? =D
devildoll Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Got you added :)
PalmTreeL0ver Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007   Photographer
YAY, and thank you. :D
satanschoice Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007   Writer
you have a large family
devildoll Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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